Evolution of overseas ceramic inkjet technology

Now and in the future, ceramic inkjet printing technology is the main task of optimizing the process, it is more effective and beneficial integration into the production line, through aesthetic enhancement, pattern rich textures, materials, the effective application of the system to achieve full decorative ceramic surface mining potential new targets. "

In the third Italian ceramic machinery manufacturers association technical meeting, the Italian ceramic machinery manufacturers association (ACIMAC) Chairman Fabio (Fabio Tarozzi)'s remarks, as the ceramic inkjet printing technology set the future direction of development a positive tone.
Especially after the recent improvement and development, setting off the third technological revolution in the ceramic industry inkjet printing technology, is now open to an unprecedented height, but for those who try to take advantage of new techniques to expand market coverage of the ceramic enterprises, ceramic inkjet printing technology can expand the space is still huge.

Relying on the experience of the early years of production and development, ceramic inkjet forward in leading overseas development, in most cases play a vanguard role of the vanguard. Whether the gradual promotion of glazing techniques, or dry powder spray preliminary test water, have caused widespread concern in China Ceramics Industry.

This year, Italian or Spanish ceramic inkjet equipment manufacturers, while maintaining the stability of inkjet printers, based on the key areas to improve the flexibility and convenience equipment; ceramic nozzle manufacturers, but also gradually to multi-category inks, large nozzle aperture product development goals; ceramic ink supplier, put R & D focus on multi-function, multi-effect inks and decorative glaze on.

It is noteworthy that, with the popularity of ceramic inkjet printing technology, when designed to be customized personalized ceramic enterprises realize the urgent needs of product differentiation, when the color difference frequency is, the effect is not ideal and ceramic tile enterprises contrary to the pursuit of stable production, color management system came into being. Thus, we also found that last year, more and more design companies bring their ceramic inkjet color management technology independently developed products, active in China, this piece of land on the ceramic inkjet.

2015-03-27 13:25:27