Market Watch: Tile Graded

It is understood that, with the growing retail tile to go tight, many tile businesses have played a "project-specific" tiles wholesale channel, high cost to consumers recommend "project dedicated tile." In the visit, the reporter found that the majority of businesses in the introduction of the sales staff works with bricks just keep emphasizing its low price and high cost, and its causes have been attributed to the low-priced "As the project has a large amount of channels, manufacturers are as seize the home improvement market works taken puerile policy. "

August 3, the reporter interviewed many years engaged in home design, a senior designer Su Hang, SU Hang that "project-specific" channels Ambassador sales price down just a gimmick, the real reason for its low-cost low-quality. "Relatively speaking, engineering bricks are not suitable for use in an ordinary home decoration, because engineering bricks dense enough, smoothness is also poor." Su Hang said, "project-specific" seem very professional, but in fact is not achieved using a standard family room was only put up a "project" in the title. "Public places with bricks under normal circumstances can be replaced once a year, but the home decoration often years or even decades in the use of the same batch of tiles relative household bricks, engineering bricks in the price, fine workmanship degree, color absorption on there is a big difference between some of the less demanding construction, the use of large and pursuit of lower costs of such works would buy ceramic tile, while higher-quality large-scale projects will still avoid purchasing. "Su Hang, said the market some cheap engineering coatings, engineering bricks, boards and other works are so emerged.

2015-03-27 13:24:25