In 2014 China ceramic tile trend prediction

As the leading product, or as a product of form a complete set, or for the brand to break, due to the hyped all glazed ceramic product market prospects, many enterprises dramatically, whole glazed ceramic products in 2013 war was inevitable, not only the product domain "popular", gradually other category market share will also be thwarted.
From the polishing brick to cast all glaze, the latter to the former winners on the market trend gradually clear. With product quality appeal, full of glazed ceramic market share from less than 10% in 2009 to the present more than 20%, after polishing brick, with about fifty percent market share of decline trend.
Market expectations is paid close attention to the product
In recent days, the reporter learned that, the new pearl group plans this year in last year's increase again on the basis of article 8 increase more than 20 full glazed ceramic production line; Marco Polo ceramic tile also plans to add article 7-8; Hongyu enterprise plan new article 6, article 2 of them have formally put into production; Dragonair added 1 the business and has been put into production, all 14 of glazed ceramic are testing new products, is expected to be launched during the ceramic fair in the spring. In addition, the Roman general manager Leo Wang Guisu, in accordance with the general manager of ceramics of nuo of Tang Qian, three sand can zhang jian, general manager of le, ceramic Chen Yanhui, associate director of the operation also said in an interview, they will be this year to strengthen the capacity of the glazed ceramic, as well as promotion.
This also is only part of the foshan region. As early as in 2012, sichuan branching channel, shandong zibo and Jiang Xigao Ann has successively spread the message of enterprise production, increase the glazed ceramic, in sichuan, the new line in the source article 4 polishing brick production respectively the whole glazed ceramic and microcrystalline, HuaHong 1 the archaize brick production line all glazed ceramic, Jin Tao 1 the polishing brick thread conversion to produce the glazed ceramic and microcrystalline; In shandong zibo, halt all glazed ceramic production line is as high as more than 20, accounts for more than half of the production line, by the end of 2012, zibo region is transformation in line with the current production of glazed ceramic production line has more than 100.
Many businesses rushing, derived from their market analysis of 2012 and the 2013 market expectations.
"I expect all glazed ceramic will impact archaize brick by 80% in 2013-90% of the market." In accordance with the general manager of ceramics of nuo of Tang Qian said that while the price is all glazed ceramic products winning the market. Throughout the shandong most production areas, such as Tang Qian believes that all glazed ceramic and polishing brick is roughly same, on the production and market price for all belong to the lower zone, after two years of development, after the baptism, its production technology and market foundation have been relatively mature, in three or four line city there is a certain market share. However, compared with the polished tile, and other products, the design and color of the glazed ceramic is richer, more expressive force, also can lay the ground, can not only on the wall in such aspects as cutting, show also softer, easier to gain market favor.
The reporter sees in the market, at present all glazed ceramic technology mainly inkjet, whereas the glazed ceramic products is imitation stone products, including marble, granite and other products, also some imitation jade products. In all glazed ceramic enterprises grows day by day, now all glazed ceramic products supply has been fairly stable, even slight oversupply phenomenon, price of the product is expected to be down step by step. Compared with other ceramic category, though, the glazed ceramic category competition haven't to the white-hot stage, but because of an increasing number of competitors, in some enterprises, it seems, was originally called "blue ocean" of the area, has gradually "fame".
In 2012, many other products category of the original dealer, has begun to gradually transfer the main focus on whole glazed ceramic products. In three ceramic sand can view, zhang jian, general manager of the decorative effect of the glazed ceramic, as well as physical properties are not inferior to the micro SPAR, in operating profits, sales skill and vendor communication and tacit understanding have more advantages than the microlite also. As a result, microcrystal was fully glazed ceramic gain a lot. Last year, 50% microcrystalline market development did not achieve the desired business, make a lot out of microcrystalline enterprises were forced to shut down because of the amount of can't afford to go.
Capacity is gradually increased market competition
According to understand, until April 2009, the glazed ceramic technology breakthrough was achieved, Jane a ceramic pioneered the marble series products, as the industry's first with the glazed ceramic patent technology and realize large-scale production enterprises, not only from the whole glazed ceramic imitation stone agitation, also let more and more people begin to understand and meet all glazed ceramic products. "All glazed ceramic real value not only influences, but drives the ceramic industry of other products, the development of other technologies, such as the popularity of the glazed ceramic, inkjet technology is widely used." Jane a marketing director KeLiMin believes that all the birth of glazed ceramic products, is not only the establishment and lay all glazed ceramic this category, more important is it to the promoting function of the whole industry.
Then keda mechanical and electrical, new JingTai, meijia ceramic machine enterprises have strong launch glazed ceramic equipment, far Thai glaze, dow, big hon glaze, glaze Tang rainbow system, Kang Litai chemical companies such as pigment, wan island glaze also launched a full glazed ceramic glaze, make the enterprise into the threshold is greatly reduced, in the field of glazed ceramic dongpeng, Marco Polo, the new pearl, the new source, hongyu, jia tuan, Byrd, Jin Yitao, Europe god nuo, BoHua, golden jade, Rome Leo, loulan, Douglas, xing hui, the gold medal in Asia, the Louvre, mango, the des nations, and many other foshan ceramic enterprises swarmed into the field of glazed ceramic, one after another successful launch the glazed ceramic products, the Taurus, sun, hengda of jiangxi, Wright and other ceramic enterprises also launched the glazed ceramic products. In addition, there are more contented enterprise r&d alone, or with chemical companies to work together.
The reporter understands by investigating the glazed ceramic crazy four main reasons: one, the product color, texture smooth, color is rich, glaze wear-resisting anti-fouling, more get the favour of all; Second, like to follow suit and copying, whenever found a product popular to rush to imitate and copy; Three, the production of relatively low threshold, originally do polishing brick, do not need to increase equipment can halt all glazed ceramic products; Four, although the technology is on the program of glazed ceramic, more compared with archaize brick, the total production cost increased 10 yuan per square meter, but its price is much higher than the current market of archaize brick, bigger profit space. So it caused many ceramic production enterprise with the target on the full development of glazed ceramic products.
Among them, form a complete set of mature but also the important reason of stimulation all glazed ceramic development

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